List of Online Advertising Providers with Label "AD CHOICES"

What is the label "AD CHOICES" mean?

"AD Choices" is not an online advertising provider but some principles.
When Online Surfing, we are always to see a lot of online advertising(powered by different ad providers) with the label "ad choices". Why must the same label? Because they accept and follow the Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA) and The cross-industry Self-Regulatory Principles. Click here to see these principles.

Your role and your ad choices


Just about all marketing looks for to focus on the best products to the right audience, as well as makes possible low- or no-cost content material and services. The majority of on the internet advertisements aren't matched to you as an person, however to information categories -- for example census, interest groups, location, or even on the internet conduct. The Net sites a person visit work with online advertising businesses to provide you with advertising that's as relevant as well as useful as possible. Please see more details for consunmer.


Top marketing and advertising business associations established a robust, cross industry self-regulatory program as well as implemented consumer-friendly principles and enforcement requirements regarding on the internet behavioral marketing.

A prominent function of the program is the call for organizations involved in online behavioral advertising to obviously notify consumers regarding data collection and use practices through enhanced notice provided with an image (highlighted over) or hyperlink. Entities participating in the program could use the actual Marketing Option Icon and one from the authorized wordings to signify adherence to the Self-Regulatory Concepts for On the internet Behavior Marketing so that as a means for supplying enhanced notice associated with on the internet behavioral advertising practices.

If your business has an interest to find away concerning how to acquire the Marketing Option Image for use in connection with the actual self-regulatory plan, please visit the actual enrollment web page for instructions. Please see more details

A full list of online advertisment provider

  • 24/7 Real Media, Inc.,
  • 33Across
  • Accuen
  • Acxiom
  •, Inc.
  • Adara Media, Inc.
  • AdBrite, Inc.
  • Adchemy, Inc.
  • Adconion Media Group
  • Admeld Inc.
  • Adobe AudienceManager (formerly Demdex)
  • Adobe Digital Advertising
  • AdReady, Inc.
  • Aggregate Knowledge, Inc.
  • Akamai Technologies, Inc.
  • AOL Advertising
  • AudienceScience, Inc.
  • Batanga Network
  • Bizo
  • BlueCava
  • BlueKai Inc.
  • Brightroll, Inc.
  • Brilig
  • Burst Media Corporation
  • Buysight, Inc.
  • Casale Media
  • Clearspring Technologies Inc.
  • Collective Media, Inc.
  • Cox Digital Solutions
  • Criteo
  • Cross Pixel Media LLC.
  • Datalogix, Inc.
  • DataXu Inc.
  • Datonics (formerly AlmondNet)
  • Datran Media LLC.
  • Dedicated Media
  • Dotomi
  • Epic Marketplace
  • eXelate
  • FetchBack Inc
  • Glam Media, Inc.
  • Google Inc.
  • I-Behavior, Inc.
  • IgnitionOne Inc. ( formerly Netmining LLC )
  • Inflection Point Media
  • interclick, inc.
  • Invite Media
  • Legolas Media, Inc.
  • Lotame Solutions, Inc.
  • Magnetic Media Online, Inc.
  • Markit On Demand (formerly Wall Street on Demand)
  • MaxPoint Interactive, Inc.
  • Media Innovation Group (MIG)
  • Media6Degrees
  • MediaForge
  • MediaMath, Inc.
  • Mediaplex
  • Meteor Solutions, Inc.
  • Microsoft Advertising
  • Mindset Media
  • OwnerIQ
  • Proclivity Systems, Inc.
  • Pulse 360, Inc.
  • quadrantONE, Inc.
  • Quantcast
  • RadiumOne
  • RapLeaf
  • RedAril
  • RichRelevance, Inc.
  • Rocket Fuel Inc.
  • ShareThis
  • Specific Media LLC
  • TARGUSinfo
  • the Rubicon Project, Inc. (including Fox Audience Network)
  • Tremor Video, Inc.
  • Tribal Fusion
  • Tumri, Inc.
  • Turn, Inc.
  • Underdog Media
  • Undertone
  • V12 Group
  • ValueClick Media
  • Vibrant Media, Inc.
  • Videology (formerly TidalTV)
  • XGraph
  • Yahoo! (now including Dapper)
  • YuMe, Inc.
  • Ziff Davis
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